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  • Fading Light (The Age of Alandria: Book Four) NOW AVAILABLE!

    Fading Light (The Age of Alandria: Book Four) NOW AVAILABLE!

    Book 4 in The Age of Alandria series is not only LIVE but is now FREE to read through Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program. 

    Make sure to check out the next installment!

    The epic journey continues...

    Kaeleigh, Daegan, Finn, and Ella have just escaped the Forest of Lumei, surviving with the help of the Dryad Priestess, Andreinna. Now, focused on getting to one of the few portals leading to the mortal realm, they continue their journey together through the desolate lands of Alandria. They witness the truth of the land’s fading magic before making it to the portal, and their help is needed in the small town of Kandri where the darkness has infiltrated in mysterious ways. 

    Pairing up, they set out on three missions: Finn with Ella, seek allies amongst the Twined residents of Tylínyth. Kaeleigh and Daegan search for a map to lead them to the Book of Lenoria in order to reach The Orchids. Meanwhile, Chel and Hal seek allies among the Shifters of Mandü tré Lan with a few surprises of their own.

    She—the mistress of darkness who resides in the mountains of Exhile—has tried time and again to free herself from captivity. The Orchids unknowingly provide her a source of energy to accelerate her plan for freedom, but how much more will be required? Her power is growing and She is amassing forces of her own.

    The allies are gathering, but will they come together in time? 

    Will Maleina’s plans for ultimate power in Alandria be her own undoing?

    The light of Alandria is fading.
    But the fight is far from over, in fact, it is just the beginning.