Jax: The Doppelgänger (A Shadow Realm Novella #2)

Jax: The Doppelganger (A Shadow Realm Novella #2)

Best Novella of the Year 2017 UtopiaCon!

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Genre: YA Paranormal/Supernatural

Publisher: Red Cabin Publishing

Released: Jan 8th, 2017


My grandfather took many secrets—secrets involving me—to his grave. Now, it seems he’s haunting me from beyond; although for a Necromancer like him, that might not be too hard. I wouldn’t know. I have a different set of unique and unwanted… talents.

I had never invested in relationships outside the ones I already have: a tight group of girls with their own special abilities; a Voodoo priestess; and my grandfather, RIP. Having anyone else in my life would just be too complicated. But then Bast showed up with his fierce blue eyes like a crystal-clear lake on a winter’s day. He was something I definitely hadn’t planned for. Same for his powers, which interact with mine in unexpected ways.

To me, the gift I was born with is truly a curse. Being involuntarily ripped from my current reality to another place, appearing in the form of another person’s image is not my idea of a good time. 

But this curse is something the Shadow Realm wants. And with the help of my friends and my grandfather’s spirit, I need to find out how to stop it before it’s too late… for all of us.

My name is Jax, and I am a Doppelgänger. Don’t you wish you were one, too?

Jax is the second installment in the origin mini-series leading up to The Shadow Realm series. Will Jax and her friends be able to find any answers before she is not only ripped from her own physicality but thrust into the world of shadows?

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