Supernatural Chronicles: The Necromancers

Supernatural Chronicles: The Necromancers

Novella 7 of 10 in the Supernatural Chronicles: The New Orleans Collection

Genre: NA Paranormal/Supernatural

Publisher: Red Cabin Publishing

Released: Dec 7th, 2015

Novella 7 of 10 in a 10 author collaboration.

10 authors. 10 stories. 10 creatures. 1 goal.

Hailey Devareaux, an inexperienced Necromancer with a fear of death, couldn’t care less what the world had to offer her. A year after her mother’s death, Hailey has lost interest in being a Necromancer and taking over as rightful leader of the clan. When her clan receives a cryptic letter, it’s up to Hailey to go on a dangerous quest to restore the veil and save her people. 

While moping around in the cemetery the day after the Day of the Dead, Hailey met Bobby; if only she had realized he was dead before she started talking to him. Robert “Bobby” Duval died one year ago. When he died, the veil between this world and the next was at its thinnest. It should’ve been easy for him to cross over, but something kept him from doing so, and now, he’s stuck. With a promise to help Bobby cross over after she has fulfilled her mission, Bobby joins Hailey, and together they begin to understand her powers. 

Will Hailey give up her bitterness against the craft and her own fear of death, and forgive herself in order to embrace her power? Will she be able to help save the supernatural community by sealing the veil once more?

(This is no longer available through retailers. It has been re-released as Hailey: The Necromancer)